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Water – A natural remedy for many diseases

  • Around 55 to 75% of the human body comprises of water. But, the body keeps on losing water through perspiration, respiration and urination. Hence, you need to supply your body with enough water on a regular basis.
  • When taken in adequate quantity, water has innumerable benefits. Drinking six to eight glasses of water in the morning can help you to prevent bladder infections, kidney stones, bad breath, fatigue and clotting of blood. It helps to drain all the waste from the kidneys.
  • Avoid drinking water while eating your meals, it hinders the digestion process by diluting the digestive enzymes. So, the best time to drink water is one hour before and after the meals.
  • Water, at any temperature, has its own advantages. Drinking warm water in the morning is good for your digestive system, especially if you are suffering from constipation.
  • Cold water numbs pain by constricting blood vessels. It is proven great for arthritis, joint pain, sprain or burns. Steam helps you to fight infections. Very few people know that steam also helps in increasing white and red blood cells.

The weight of your brain is 2% of your total body weight. Brain uses 20-25% of the oxygen you breathe, and it needs around 15% of the total blood supply