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Eating after 6:00pm can lead to weight gain

Myth: You will gain weight if you eat after 6pm
Fact: Generally, when you eat during late evening or at night, you are more relaxed, as you are done with your work. You may gorge on food while sitting in front of the television or while playing games on a computer. This way, you may lose the account of food consumed. Moreover, if you have a habit of sleeping late at night, you may even consider munching some snacks like wafers, biscuits or anything that you can find in the refrigerator. At times, you may even eat at a party or go to a restaurant for dinner. These calories are hardly burnt as you do no perform any activity after eating and may go off to sleep. This is why people think that eating anything after 6pm will show on your body. Stick to healthy and small meals for dinner for best results.


Sitophobia is the fear of food