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Tonsillitis is a condition in which the tonsils get infected, inflamed and cause a lot of pain. Tonsils are a part of our immune system and perform the function of fighting bacteria and other germs that enter through our mouth or nose and cause infections in the rest of the body. However, sometimes, bacteria or viruses infect the tonsils, resulting in tonsillitis. Infection and inflammation of tonsils causes swelling of glands in the front of the neck, sore throat, fever, bad breath, and difficulty in swallowing. The condition is quite common in children, and can become chronic if the tonsils become enlarged and suffer from repeated infections.
Tonsillitis can be effectively cured through various remedies which include use of herbs, spices, and condiments in your kitchen.

Home remedies

  • Strictly follow a balanced and nutritious diet if you are suffering from tonsillitis. Avoid spicy and oily foods, as they may irritate the throat and aggravate the inflammation, causing the condition to worsen.
  • Take a glass of lukewarm water, add some alum and let it dissolve. Gargle with this water, throughout the day. It helps to fight the infection.
  • Add a teaspoonful of salt to a glass of warm water, and gargle with this solution; this is a very simple and sure-shot remedy for treating tonsillitis.
  • Another effective gargle solution can be made by boiling some fenugreek seeds in water. Let the solution cool down and the fenugreek seeds steep in the water. Gargle with this water to alleviates the tonsillitis symptoms.
  • Drinking lemon water can also be a good remedy for your infected tonsils. Sip some lemon water and hold it in your mouth before drinking it. You can add some salt and honey to the lemon water for taste.
  • Drinking warm milk before bedtime is a great remedy for tonsillitis. Add a spoonful of turmeric powder and a pinch of black pepper powder to your glass of milk for better results.
  • Boil some banafsha flowers in milk. Let the milk cool, filter it, and drink.
  • The banafsha flowers in milk mixture can also be used as an application. Take some clarified butter in a pan and add the banafsha flowers in milk mixture. Mix well. Let it cool until it is good enough to apply on the skin. Now apply a thin layer of this mixture on the area where you can feel the swollen tonsils.
  • Vegetable juices are very helpful in curing tonsillitis. Try out this very effective blend- 300 ml carrot juice + 100ml beet juice + 100 ml cucumber juice. Drink this blend everyday if you are suffering from tonsillitis.
  • Add Epsom salts to your bath tub filled with warm water. A soak for a few minutes will surely help to improve your condition. Make sure that when you lie down in the tub, your throat is underwater, and you feel warm and cosy around the neck.
  • Burn some hyacinth twigs to ashes. Add these ashes to mustard oil to form a paste. Apply this paste on the tonsils for fast recovery and effective cure.
  • ‘Khadiradi vati’ is an ayurvedic medicine that provides relief to the throat. Keep it in your mouth and chew slowly.
  • Mix ‘shitopaladi churna’, another ayurvedic preparation with ghee and honey. Take it in dosages of 3 grams three times every day.
  • Avoid smoking both active and passive; both these forms can irritate the throat and aggravate the inflammation and swelling in your tonsils.

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