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Pains Due To Injury


Sports Injury
When any part of the body is damaged while playing a game or participating in a sport, it is known as sports injury. It is a type of musculo-skeletal injury, which may damage your muscles, bones or ligaments. These injuries are common among males, who play more contact sports like – team sports or combat sports like cricket, tennis, football, hockey, rugby, wrestling, boxing, etc. They may cause health problems in older sports-persons because the injury may take more time to heal.

Sports injury often occurs in people who are new to a sport, begin exercise after a prolonged time, and start playing or practising without proper warm-up.

There are numerous sports and umpteen injuries caused by them. In some sports, there is an increased risk of injury to a specific part of the body.

  • Bone injuries: Many injuries caused while playing a sport can leave your bone broken or cracked – fractured.
  • Joint injuries: The bones that form a joint may partially or completely pull apart. A sport like javelin throw may also dislocate your joint.
  • Ligament & tendon injuries: The fibrous bands of tissue that hold the bones in place are often injured during sports activities. This may tear the ligaments and tendons.
  • Muscle injuries: Most of the sports rely on strength and suppleness of the muscles, and due to this, damage to muscles is common in athletes.

A warming up session is necessary before you start exercising. This is one of the surest ways to prevent such injuries. Adequate preparation can increase flexibility and reduce stiffness in the muscles and joints. In sports such as running, you should start slowly, and gradually increase the pace. This can prevent placing too much strain on your body. Wear clothes and footwear designed for your type of sport. Also, play or exercise under the instructor’s supervision and use recommended safety equipments.

Sports and injuries have nearly become synonyms. There are numerous basic techniques that can treat minor injuries to ligaments, tendons and muscles. For instance, applying hot and cold compress, using ice-packs on the affected areas and taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If the injury is causing intense or persistent pain, you should see your doctor and get an x-ray done. In case you suffer from a serious fracture, it would show in the x-ray. In case, you have fractured one of your bones, it becomes necessary to immobilise that part of the body by using a cast. Surgery may be required for some injuries such as ruptured tendon. You may also need physiotherapy once you recover from the fracture. Avoid participating in any sports until you totally recover from the pain.

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