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An exotic fruit mainly used in continental cuisines, olive is a rich source of essential nutrients. It is widely used in salads, pickles, soups and is an integral part of Italian cuisine. Olives are natural anti-oxidants and a good source of phytonutrients. Vitamin E, a fat soluble anti-oxidant present in olives helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Olives have fat content, but it is healthy mono-unsaturated fat, which is good cholesterol and it reduces the risk of hardening of nerves. It is olive oil that is more popular than the fruit. Along with Vitamin E the presence of mono-unsaturated fats in olive and olive oil decreases pain and inflammation, especially for people who suffer from arthritis or joint pain. Hence, regular consumption of olives helps to reduce the severity of conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. Olives work as a great remedy for women suffering from the symptoms of menopause. If you are suffering from mood-swings and hot flashes, olives can work wonders. Besides making your food tastier, olive oil acts as an excellent moisturiser, and works wonders for skin and hair. Although small in size, this wonder fruit surely has huge health benefits.


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