Besides the three types of diabetes, there is also a condition called as ‘Pre-diabetes‘.
Pre-diabetes is a stage between normalcy and having diabetes. It is an alarm bell before the onset of diabetes when there’s still a chance to revert to normalcy. Numerous terms are used to describe this condition viz, Borderline Diabetes, Chemical Diabetes, etc. The term Pre-diabetic was coined by the US Department of Health And Human Services and ADA in March 2002 with the intention of creating awareness and conveying seriousness of the condition. It is a condition when the blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to qualify as type 2 diabetes. ADA defines pre-diabetes as a stage before the development of diabetes when glucose tolerance of the body is normal, nonetheless there’s an increased risk of developing diabetes in near future. Occasionally, pre-diabetics may exhibit symptoms similar to those exhibited by diabetics but the pre-diabetic stage is reversible. From here on, the duration within which diabetes develops is long enough for any precautions to work and save the final damage.

The weight of your brain is 2% of your total body weight. Brain uses 20-25% of the oxygen you breathe, and it needs around 15% of the total blood supply