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General Care & Guidelines

General care and guidelines for gestational diabetes
A cure to diabetes has not been found yet. However, there are several ways to control it:

  • Maintaining blood glucose levels
  • Maintaining blood fat levels
  • Maintaining weight
  • Changing meal plans
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Taking insulin

Diet and physical activities play a pivotal role during pregnancy, especially in case of women suffering from gestational diabetes.
Healthy eating habits and meal plan suggested by your dietician will keep your blood glucose levels in a safe range. Consulting a dietician will help you understand your body requirements in terms of food, and you will precisely know what to eat, how much and when.
The following guidelines are advisable:

  • Limited intake of sweets
  • Eat small meals and snacks in limited quantity and at regular intervals
  • Be cautious about intake of carbohydrate-rich foods
  • Add a lot of fibre to your food in the form of fruits, vegetables, cereals, bread etc.
  • Walking can help to curb your diabetic condition to a great extent

It is the expectant mother’s prime responsibility to undergo a total health check-up and assure a healthy life for herself and her little bundle of joy!

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