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Knee Problems

The knee joint is the largest joint in the human body. It is also the most important joint in our body, as it helps us to bend, kneel, sit, walk, run and jump. As our knees work 24/7, they are highly prone to injury, and an injury or pain in the knee can really affect our day to day activities. Old age, obesity, certain jobs, sports, recreational activities, or a disorder such as osteoporosis or arthritis can increase the possibility of knee problems.

Dr. Health suggests some home remedies for relief from knee problems

  • The most popular and well-known remedy for knee problems is the RICE therapy. RICE stands for- Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.
    Rest – Adequate rest is a must in case of knee problems because if you exert them too much, the problem or pain may aggravate. Whether you are sitting or sleeping, make sure your legs have some support. Whenever you are sitting on a chair, your legs should not hang in the air, but should be resting on the floor. Do not kneel down or put any kind of pressure on the knees.
    Ice – Applying ice packs or frozen pea bags on your knee can ease the inflammation and reduce the pain. However, too much use of ice packs might damage the nerves and aggravate your knee problems. Hence, do not continue applying the ice pack for more than 20 minutes at a time.
    Compression – If the knee problems are due to fluid build-up and misaligned muscles, a compressive bandage is the right choice. Make sure that the bandage is not too tight around your knee, lest it can hinder the blood flow and cause more pain and damage.
    Elevation – Your legs need to be kept in an elevated position, so relax in a reclining chair, or you can also pile up some pillows under your feet. This prevents fluid accumulation and provides relief from pain and other knee problems.
  • Other home remedies for knee problems:
  • Massage with warm coconut oil, olive oil, or mustard oil. Make sure you massage the knee gently. The warm oil and gentle massage soothes and eases the pain, providing relief.
  • Foods like flax seeds and walnuts, which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, help to reduce swelling caused due to knee problems.
  • If your knees pain during the night, this treatment will work for you. Make a paste by mixing wheat flour, turmeric powder, castor oil and goat’s milk. Before you go to bed, apply this thick consistency paste on the affected knee, and wrap the knee with a clean muslin or cotton cloth. Wash off with water in the morning. Continue this treatment every night for about a week to get relief from the pain.
  • Boil some tamarind leaves and place them over the knee. To keep the leaves in place and to retain the warmth, wrap the knee with a cloth. Keep overnight. This remedy is especially beneficial for those who experience knee pain during night.
  • Wearing a knee pad provides comfort during knee problems; it helps you to sleep comfortably on one side. Knee pads  lend support to the knee joints, thus not letting the condition aggravate.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking slows down the healing process and the repair of tissues, and recovery from knee problems may get prolonged. If you find it difficult to completely quit smoking, you should at least limit your addiction.
  • It is advisable to maintain a healthy lifestyle and an ideal weight and also to exercise regularly in order to keep knee pain and problems at bay. Moreover, it is essential that you wear comfortable footwear; shoes or sandals that do not cause stress on the knees while you walk.

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