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When the level of bile pigment called bilirubin increases abnormally, a person may suffer from jaundice. It causes yellow colouration of skin, and the whites in the eyes. The condition mainly affects the liver, and hence, the patient should avoid all the activities that may further harm the liver. Doctors may advice a complete bed-rest during this time.

Home remedies:

  • Add lot of juices and fluids to your daily diet. They are not only good for liver, but will result into rapid recovery from jaundice.
  • Lemon too works wonders for people suffering from jaundice. Drink lot of lemon juice. Or take few leaves of lemon, and boil them for few minutes. Drink it after it cools down. Follow this remedy for at least 4-5 days.
  • Take one teaspoon each – ginger juice, lemon juice and mint juice. Mix them together add some water, and drink it. It is great for liver, and you may soon recover for jaundice.
  • Juice of radish leaves also is considered to be great for jaundice patients.
  • Taking tomato juice first thing in the morning, with a dash of salt and pepper is a perfect way to start your day if you are a jaundice patient.
  • Mash one banana, and add one table spoon of honey on it. Consume it twice a day, and observe the difference in your condition.
  • Half a cup of beet root juice or carrot juice with a squeeze of lemon is serves to be a rapid recovery for jaundice patients.
  • Add buttermilk in your daily diet. Don’t forget to sprinkle some black pepper on it for best results.
  • Include diet that is rich in iron and calcium for a speedy recovery.
  • Take amla or Indian gooseberries with water thrice a day. Repeat it for atleast 20 days. It will cure all your liver problems including jaundice.
  • Oil, butter, spices, pickles and non-vegetarian food are a strict no-no for jaundice patients as they are not good for an already weak liver.
  • Want a sure shot cure for jaundice? Try out bitter gourd juice. It may be tough to drink this bitter juice, but after all, a rapid cure does not come easy right?
  • Light and easy to digest, barley juice and sugar-cane juice can be good options to serve to the person suffering from jaundice.
  • Prune is a fruit highly necessary and beneficial during such times.
  • Avoid all the activities that may put stress on your liver. If possible, take complete bed-rest at least for 5-7 days.

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