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Migraine is a condition wherein a person suffers from severe pain in the head, usually due to dilatation or contraction of blood vessels in the brain, and may lead to irregular nerve activities. It also induces inflammation in the meninges.

Migraine is very common among women, as one of the main reasons of the condition is fluctuation in the level of hormones – oestrogen. Hence, women suffer from migraine around their menstrual cycle as the oestrogen level goes down.

Home remedies:

  • Primrose oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent, and thus prevent the blood vessels from being constricted. Add few drop in a kerchief and inhale or massage the oil on your forehead whenever you suffer from a migraine attack.
  • You can even tie a cloth tightly around your head. It will lessen the blood flow in the brain and reduce the pain, throbbing and pounding.
  • Grape juice is an effective home remedy to get instant relief from the pain of migraine.
  • Mixture of carrot juice with beet juice, cucumber juice or spinach juice is considered favourable for migraine patients.
  • Mash or squash the cabbage leaves and wrap them in a cloth. Keep the cloth on your forehead for few minutes. Remove it when the leaves become dry.
  • Applying paste of sandalwood will also work wonders for the severe pain caused by migraine.
  • Garlic is a trusted home remedy. Take a clove of garlic squash it and eat it or add it in your daily diet.
  • Take the rind of lemon and grind it to form a paste. Apply it on the forehead, and remove it once it has dried.
  • Take lukewarm enema. It helps to cleanse the bowels and remove the toxins from the body. Thus, getting respite from migraine.
  • Whenever you experience the pain, use a cold compress on the affected area to get a quick relief.
  • Cut down your intake on caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, as they can aggravate the condition.
  • Instead, switch to green tea and honey or chamomile tea. Have it hot whenever you suffer from a severe headache. It can be a great remedy for migraine.
  • Regular breathing exercises may reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and severe pain.
  • Avoid red wine, cheese, chocolates and citrus fruits. They may contain ingredients that may give rise to migraine.

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