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Measles, also known as Rubeola, is a highly contagious viral infection that causes distinctive skin rashes, fever, cough and runny nose. It is common in children in the developing countries, and causes small grain like spots on the cheeks. These grains then spread to the trunk, palms and soles. Vaccination is available for measles, but if a person is not immunised for the condition through vaccination, there is a very high possibility of him/her getting affected by this virus.
Substantial rest and some home remedies and self help tips can help to manage the disease.

Home remedies

  • Loss of appetite and thirst are the most common symptoms displayed by a person affected by the condition. Drink orange juice, which help to restore taste and also appetite. It also helps to maintain the water level in the body.
  • Lemon juice, if taken at regular intervals, also proves to be a great remedy for measles.
  • Make a juice by mixing ½ teaspoon turmeric powder, honey, and some bitter gourd leaves; this is a good cure for measles.
  • Barley water is great for curing measles and managing cough during the condition. The barley water can be taken often throughout the day and can also be sweetened with almond juice for a soothing effect and a better taste.
  • Add a few neem leaves in your bath tub. A warm bath is effective in reducing the body temperature and also reduces itching caused due to measles.
  • Mix ½ spoon powdered liquorice with equal amount of honey. Apart from treating the cough it also effectively cures measles.
  • Prepare a mixture of turmeric powder and tamarind seed powder. Take 400 gm of this mixture  3 times during the day.
  • Make sure that the patient suffering from measles stays in a room that is well ventilated.  However, since the patient is sensitive to light, the room should have minimal light.
  • As the patient is extremely sensitive to light during this condition, letting the eyes rest and getting enough sleep becomes very important. Activities like reading or watching television should be avoided.
  • Total rest is the key to recovery. The patient suffering from measles should take complete rest. Also, since the disease is contagious, family members should make sure that there is minimal contact with the patient.
  • As the patient experiences loss of appetite during this condition, initially, it is advisable to have maximum fruits and fruit juices. The patient should start with an all-fruit diet and gradually start taking a balanced and easy to digest diet.

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