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Bronchitis is the inflammation of mucus membranes of the main air passages of the lungs (the bronchial tree comprising the bronchi and the bronchioles). It causes congestion in the chest, cough, difficulty in breathing and chest tightness.

Home remedies to cure Bronchitis:
A stitch in time saves nine! Now here are a few tried and tested home remedies that come handy to anyone suffering from bronchitis or any similar respiratory ailment. Try these during early stages and nip the nagging cough at the budding stage.

  • Eating hot, spicy and fiery food like chillies and pepper, help thin the mucus in your lungs. It helps you to drain your phlegm easily, resulting into healthy respiratory system.
  • Breathing in steam is one of the most common home remedies for respiratory ailments. Take a hot shower or breathe in steam from hot boiling water. Inhaling stream aids in loosening the secretions of the lungs. Thus, helping you drain the phlegm.
  • Add few drops of eucalyptus oil, pine oil or Vicks vapourub to boiling water and inhale the steam. This helps clear the obstruction of airways, caused by mucus. Also, pine oil acts as an expectorant and helps to clear the bronchioles.
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks. Instead, drink of plenty of water. Water acts as a very good mucolytic (things that liquefy the thick tenacious phlegm) and drain it by natural coughing reflex.
  • Mullein tea is a tried and tested formula for respiratory troubles. It is often an active ingredient in expectorant cough syrups. It has a property which loosens the phlegm. Add two teaspoons of dried mullein flowers in boiling water, leave it up to 10 minutes, strain the flowers and drink it.
  • A mixture of half a tea spoon of honey with 2 powdered cloves and a pinch of pepper cures burning sensation in the chest and relieves the congestion in the chest, eventually leading to better breathing.
  • One of the best remedies for bronchitis is to give a mixture of ground linseed/ flaxseed and sesame seeds laced with honey. It helps relieve the respiratory problems to a great extent and provides relief.
  • Mix half a tea spoon of turmeric powder and carom seeds (ajwain) in a glass of warm milk and take it before going to bed. This provides relief and halts the further spread of infection. If possible, take it twice or thrice a day for best results.
  • Mix crushed almonds in a glass of orange juice and take it. Regular usage of this can help quell the respiratory troubles. Besides, Vitamin C in fresh fruits juices help to fight respiratory viruses.
  • Herbs like basil are commonly available at homes. Boiling few leaves of basil (tulsi) in water and drinking it soothes the respiratory system.
  • Ginger is a very good antidote for most of the respiratory disorders. Make tea by adding half a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger, ground cloves and ground black pepper and allow it to boil. You can even sweeten it with honey to build immunity against diseases and allergies.
  • Consuming one teaspoon of raw onion juice in the morning serves a great remedy for bronchitis and other respiratory infections.

Try the home remedies for bronchitis as all of them are benign. However if the cough still persists, makes breathing difficult, causes fever or coughing of blood, or brings forth yellow/ green phlegm (mucus), consult your doctor immediately.

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