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Facts about heart attack

  • Heart attack is considered to be a leading cause of death for both men and women worldwide. It proves to be fatal if the patient does not receive proper treatment on time. It has been derived that around 40 to 75% of people die before reaching the hospital.
  • In America, heart diseases are responsible for the death of more women than men, every year. While South Asian men suffer more heart attacks at much younger age, compared to people of other ethnic groups.
  • High blood pressure, known as a ‘silent killer’ is the root cause of many fatal diseases like heart attack, stroke, heart failure or kidney failure. So, it is important to regulate your blood pressure by exercising regularly or walking.
  • You can prevent the risk of a heart attack by living a healthy lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle in one of the main causes of physical inactivity, thus leading to heart attack in the long run. Also, quit smoking, give up alcohol and avoid taking too much stress.
  • Talk, laugh and share your emotions with your friends and relatives, as being introvert poses a greater risk of suffering from heart attacks. Studies have shown that watching cricket matches or other nail-biting sports events increase the risk of heart attacks.
  • For non-vegetarians, eating fish once a week is highly beneficial, as it reduces the risk of heart attack by 52%. Avoid fatty and oily food for a healthy heart. Add a lot of fresh and green vegetables to your diet.

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