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Health Calculators

Health calculators can be really useful, as they directly or indirectly indicate health problems. They are simple tools that can be used to assess health problems. Easy to use, our calculators are based on tested formulae. These personal calculators can prove to be beneficial in evaluating your health and lifestyle choices, and you can nip the health problem in the bud.

Do you want to know what your ideal weight should be, or do you want to calculate the quantity of water you should ideally drink, or do you want to know what and how much you should ideally eat based on your weight? Our calculators will help you find all of it.

These calculators are just indicators and are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Kindly consult a medical practitioner about your health care concerns.

If your heart beats 70 times per minute then by the time you are 70 years old, your heart beat count would be two and a half billion. It will pump around 48 million gallons of blood... phew! No wonder it is the most efficient organ in the body.