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Finger millet (Ragi)


An integral part of the diet of the rural population, finger millet is a highly nutritional millet. It contains nutrients like proteins, calcium, iron, thiamine and fibre, and is a gluten-free food. Due to rich fibre content, ragi is believed to be a good laxative and prevents constipation. People who suffer from liver diseases, high-blood pressure, heart weaknesses and asthma should consume roasted green finger millet. The millet is also advised to a lactating mother if she is unable to produce sufficient milk to feed her infant. Finger millet is considered to be a boon for diabetes patients and obese people, as the digestion of ragi takes place at a slow pace and hence, glucose is released slowly into the blood. Also, ragi contains an amino acid known as Typtophan. This compound reduces the appetite, and thus, helps to control your diet. So, if you are aiming at shedding a few kilos, consuming finger millet can be of great help. It is specially recommended to kids, as the millet is rich in calcium, and therefore helps in proper growth and development. Being a rich source of iron, finger millet is good for all those suffering from anaemia. The millet helps to raise the haemoglobin level. Ragi helps to fight malnutrition and degenerative diseases. It also works well as an anti-ageing agent.


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