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A fever may be caused due to a variety of reasons like flu, cold, infections, stress and worries. Fever is actually our body’s reflex mechanism against infection and illness. However, high body temperature can be dangerous, hence it is very important to take remedial measures to lower it in case it reaches above 40° Celsius or 104° Fahrenheit.

There are various time tested home remedies that can be effectively used to lower the body temperature in case of fever. Dr. Health lists some of the best yet simple home remedies.

Home remedies

  • Drinking plenty of fluids and water is the most effective remedy for fever. Drinking water compensates for the fluid loss, helps to get rid of body toxins, and brings down the body temperature. Drink water that is boiled and then cooled.
  • Add a pinch of cinnamon powder, 2 cardamoms, and 2 teaspoons of ginger powder while brewing tea. This tea is highly effective in fighting high fever.
  • Basil or tulsi leaves are considered to have remedial properties, and can help in lowering body temperature. You need to chew 7 to 8 tulsi leaves in a day to see the effect.
  • You can also prepare tea with tulsi leaves. Take this tea two to three times a day; you will notice that your fever has allayed.
  • Another effective concoction is one made by mixing honey and ginger. Add two to three drops of ginger juice in a spoonful of honey, and take this.
  • Triphala choorna (an ayurvedic medicine) is an antipyretic, i.e. a medicine that lowers body temperature in fever. Take a teaspoonful of triphala before bedtime; it reduces the increased body temperature effectively.
  • Take some warm water in a bowl and add four to five caps of vinegar to it. Soak a clean cloth into this mixture and wring out the excess solution. Now wrap the cloth around the  lower part of your legs. This is a sure-shot home remedy to cure fever.
  • Soak thin slices of potato in vinegar and place them on the forehead of the person suffering from a high body temperature. Make sure the potatoes are not soggy and the vinegar does not drip into the eyes. Now cover these vinegar soaked potatoes with a clean cloth. Body temperature is likely to fall within 20 to 30 minutes.
  • You can also soak a pair of socks in vinegar, wring them well and wear them. Wear a pair of woollen socks over these. Now lie down and cover yourself with a blanket. Your fever may subsides within an hour or so, and your socks may have dried off by then. Once the socks are dry remove them.
  • Cut thin slices of onion and place them on or under your feet. Wear socks over them and rest. This technique is effective in bringing down body temperature.
  • Orange juice can work wonders when it comes to treating fever. Drinking orange juice increases your urinary output, it also energises you and increases resistance against infections. Other than oranges, grapefruit juice is also beneficial during fever.
  • Add raisins to a cup of water, and let them soak. Now crush these raisins in the same water so that the pulp and skin of the raisins separate, and the pulp mixes well with the water. Now strain this mixture and add a few drops of lime juice to it. This is an excellent remedial tonic for fever. It gives the best result if you have it twice a day.

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