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Drive safe, follow traffic rules

  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) road accidents are the second most common cause of death among the people who fall under the age group of 5 to 29 years.
  • It is shocking to reveal that India has the highest rate of road traffic accidents in the world with over 1,40,000 deaths every year, out of which more than 40% of accidents are caused by two-wheelers and trucks. Around 15% of these accidents are due to alcohol intoxication.
  • According to studies, India has only 1% of total world’s motor vehicles. However, the total global road traffic accident deaths goes up to 6%. To prevent this situation from getting worse, it is very important to follow traffic rule.
  • Leave your home 10 minutes early than the usual time to avoid rash driving. Make it a point to wear helmet when driving a two-wheeler and seat-belt while driving a car. Make sure that children sit on the back-seat.
  • When driving on city roads, don’t exceed the speed limit of 30 to 40kmph. Don’t ignore the traffic signal on the crossroads, and give way to pedestrians. And last but not the least, be a safe driver, and save not only your life, but also that of other innocents.

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