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Cuts & Grazes

A cut in the skin catches you unawares, and the first thing you would want to do is to stop the bleeding. Clean the wound with cotton and water, then apply an antiseptic liquid over the wound, and after that, the wound should be covered with bandage or an antiseptic cream. But what if one or more of these things are out of reach or unavailable? Here are some home remedies that will come handy. And, there’s one more thing, and maybe the most important thing – you may save yourself or someone else from a severe infection.

Clean, disinfect, and cover

  • Put a clean piece of cloth on the wound with pressure to stop the bleeding. In an emergency, put your hand on the would. When the bleeding has finally stopped, softly clean the skin around the wound with soap and water.
  • Tea-tree oil is a never-failing remedy for quick healing, as it contains antiseptic properties in abundance. Take a cup of warm water, stir about one and a half tablespoons of tea-tree oil, and rinse the cut and the surrounding skin with this water. Ideally, use it twice a day.
  • Take one cup of water and put one tablespoon of dried calendula flowers in it. Boil it for five minutes, strain it, and use the tea to clean the wound. Calendula has bacteria-killing properties and helps the body heal the wound faster. Apart from cuts, calendula may also be used to heal skin problems such as sunburn. Caledula cream is also available in the market.

Home Remedies

  • In emergency, you may have probably searched for a bandage in every corner of your house, and found none. Don’t worry, take some amount of honey and dab it on the wound. Honey is a natural antibiotic and provides a shield against a lot of infections.
  • Another natural antibiotic is garlic. You can also tap a crushed clove over the wound. Take it off immediately if it starts to irritate your skin.
  • Cover a grazed knee with vaseline or any other petroleum jelly. It does not only protects grazed skin but also keeps the scabs soft so that they are less tempting to pick.
  • Comfrey cream is rich in allantoin, which accelerates the regeneration of the skin cells. Once a scab has formed, cover it with comfrey cream for a faster skin renewal and reduce the risk of scarring. Comfrey cream is available in herb centres.

Try this, too!
This may not sound nice to your ears, but it’s worth a try. If there is nothing around with which you can wash your cut, clean it with your saliva. The medical journal The Lancet has said that licking your wound proves beneficial. But it must be your own spit, otherwise it may cause an infection.

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