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Myth Busters

Can people with dyslexia never read?

Myth: People with dyslexia can never read because they see the letters in the wrong order
Fact: It’s true that dyslexic people experience difficulty in reading but that does not indicate that they can never read. Often, while trying to read a word, they mix up the letters. They even get confused between left and right. Most of them are slow learners, and may remain much behind the other children of their age. However, under the guidance of a good doctor or a teacher, or someone who understands dyslexia, dyslexic people can cope up with their difficulties, and may learn to read in a normal way.

Does menopause lead to weight gain?

Myth: Menopause leads to weight gain
Fact: Menopause has nothing to do with your increasing weight. The fact is that the body of a woman goes through many changes between the age of 35 and 55 years. Although menopause may be one of the causes for weight gain for many women, it is not the same for all. There are a lot of hormonal changes during this time. Moreover, as you grow older, along with many alterations in the body shape, the body metabolism, too, changes. So, it is very important to pay attention to what you eat. Eating a lot and minimum physical activity may cause weight gain.

Is it that only elderly women suffer from osteoporosis?

Myth: Only elderly women suffer from osteoporosis
Fact: A disorder of bones, osteoporosis is not a disorder affecting a particular gender or age. It can affect men and women of all ages. Often known as a silent epidemic, osteoporosis has also been seen in people as young as 25 years. The disease has nothing to do with old age. It actually depends on your body composition and your bone structure. The weaker and more porous the bones, higher is the risk of suffering from the disorder.

Can a haircut make your hair healthier?

Myth: Trimming or cutting your hair will make it grow longer and stronger
Fact: Talk to a good hair expert and he will tell you that trimming or cutting your hair has nothing to do with the length or quality of your hair. Your hair is thicker at the base and thinner at the tips. Once you get the tips trimmed, hair may look thick, strong and healthier. But, only for a few days. When the hair grows (about half-an-inch per month) it would look the same again. Hence, trimming, cutting, pulling or tying your hair will not make them long and strong.

Does drinking a glass of milk help to lessen your acidity?

Myth: Drinking a glass of milk will ease your acidity/ heartburn
Fact: Drinking a glass of milk when suffering from acidity is a common home remedy practised by many. However, this can only provide temporary relief. When you drink milk, initially, it eases the heartburn by neutralising acids. However, later, the calcium content in the milk triggers the production of acidic juices, and this only worsens your acidity. Also, milk takes time to get digested, thereby requiring more acids.

Is heart attack associated with a certain age?

Myth: I do not have to worry, as people suffer from heart attacks only during old age
Fact: Till few years ago, people in their 50s, 60s and 70s were the ones who suffered a heart attack. But, today, it is shocking to reveal that people as young as 25 and 30 years of age are victims of heart attacks. In fact, according to the doctors, people of any age, even children can suffer an attack. Young adults, who have a habit of binging on junk food, who lack physical activities and have irregular lifestyle are at a greater risk.

Is sex incomplete without an orgasm?

Myth: Sex is incomplete unless you get an orgasm
Fact: It is not necessary that you experience orgasm every time you practice intercourse. There may be times when you really enjoy the foreplay but do not get an orgasm. This happens especially when you are tensed, stressed out or tired. But, there is no need to feel guilty about it. All you can do is be a good partner, and let your partner enjoy the experience.

Will drinking milk aggrevate your cold?

Myth: If you are suffering from cold, avoid milk, as it aggravates mucus and other symptoms of cold
Fact: This is an age old myth. A lot of people believe that drinking milk will only increase the nasal mucus, and worsen your cold. However, that’s not true. The fact is that milk has no effect on your cold, and you can go ahead with your regular glass of milk. In fact, a glass of warm milk mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder is considered to be a great home remedy to cure cough and sore throat.

How important is to wash vegetables and fruits before consumption?

Myth: There is no need to wash and clean the fruits and vegetables if they are to be peeled
Fact: We often escape from washing fruits and vegetables like potato, cucumber, orange and sweet lime as we think that the top layer is anyway going to be removed. But, it is necessary for us to know that bacteria, viruses, or fertilizers present on the skin, peel or rind take no time to pass in to the fruit or the vegetable. Moreover, after peeling it off, you may touch the fruit or vegetable. Thus, the germs present on your hand and knife will easily get transferred to the fruit or the vegetable. So, next time, make sure you wash them thoroughly before you start peeling them.

Eating after 6:00pm can lead to weight gain

Myth: You will gain weight if you eat after 6pm
Fact: Generally, when you eat during late evening or at night, you are more relaxed, as you are done with your work. You may gorge on food while sitting in front of the television or while playing games on a computer. This way, you may lose the account of food consumed. Moreover, if you have a habit of sleeping late at night, you may even consider munching some snacks like wafers, biscuits or anything that you can find in the refrigerator. At times, you may even eat at a party or go to a restaurant for dinner. These calories are hardly burnt as you do no perform any activity after eating and may go off to sleep. This is why people think that eating anything after 6pm will show on your body. Stick to healthy and small meals for dinner for best results.

Every time you sneeze, the speed of the air blown out is around 100mph. That's why the human body has the reflex of closing the eyes, because if you fail to close your eyes, the force of the sneeze has the capacity to push your eye balls out!