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Six ways to prevent cataract

  • Diabetics are more prone to cataract and that too at an early age. Hence, all those people who are suffering from diabetes should strictly keep their blood sugar level under control to prevent cataract.
  • It is important to protect the eyes from the side-effects of various medications that are taken in large doses and for a prolonged period. If you have been taking tranquillizers, steroids or if you are under medication for psoriasis, there are high chances of you suffering from cataract. So, either restrict the usage or consult your doctor.
  • Protect your eyes from harsh sun rays; wear sunglasses each time you step out of the house. The ultraviolet rays tend to speed up the process of developing cataract in your eyes.
  • Ensure proper intake of nutrients like Vitamin C, E and beta carotene. These are not only good for your vision but also slow down the development of cataract. However, lack of these supplements can create problems for your eyes.
  • Consumption of food loaded with oil and butter, which are high in fat content and increased intake of salt are not at all healthy options, especially for eyes. They pose higher chances of developing cataract in the long run.
  • Exposure to metals like copper, lead, iron, nickel and cadmium is risky, as these metals can lead to development of cataract.

These are a few ways to prevent cataract, however, you cannot prevent cataract that develops due to ageing.


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