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If you are looking for that one food item, which supplies nutrition in abundance, carrot is the answer! Its crunchy texture and sweet taste makes this juicy root-vegetable a favourite among many. Widely used in salads, soups, and juices, carrots contain high amount of beta carotene and fibre, along with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and potassium. Hence, a carrot is considered to be a storehouse of nutrients and has numerous health benefits when eaten regularly.
A glassful of carrot juice, if consumed daily, is good for you eyes, as it improves your eyesight. Carrots contain large quantities of Vitamin A, which is necessary for the maintenance of the retina of the eye. Also, carrots reduce the risk of stroke. Researches have proved that high amounts of beta carotene, which is present in high amounts in carrots, help us live a healthy and long life. The carotenoids in carrots are beneficial for regularising blood sugar levels, and thus, carrots are proven advantageous for diabetic patients. Carrots possess anti-carcinogen properties. So, they are believed to reduce the risk of several cancers like that of stomach, cervix and uterus. Being a natural anti-oxidant, this root-vegetable prevents cell-degeneration and slows down the ageing process. So, instead of going for cosmetic products, eat carrots for that younger-looking skin!


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