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Facts about breast cancer

  • In women, breast cancer is considered to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer. The more the age, the risk of suffering from breast cancer is higher.
  • Europe, North America and Australia have the highest cases of breast cancer, while Asia and Africa have the lowest cases. 30% rise in the cases of breast cancer has been observed in western countries in the last 25 years.
  • Following causes pose a a great risk of breast cancer: Menstruation at an early age, menopause at a later stage in life, intake of alcohol, obesity, using hormone replacement therapy, never have undergone the reproduction process, if someone in the family has already suffered from breast cancer and using contraceptives.
  • Following ways can reduce the risk of breast cancer: physical activity, exercising or brisk walking, maintaining normal weight, avoiding smoking and breast feeding.
  • Diagnosis at an early stage can help to save a person’s life. It can increase the chances of survival by 5 years. If treated well, 98% recovery is possible. Hence, doctors advise a six-monthly health check-up for all women above the age of 35 years.

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