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Interesting facts about Brain

  • The most complex organ of the body – brain continues to amaze us. A human being makes optimum use of this organ during his/her entire life, yet, brain is never used to its maximum capacity.
  • Brain accounts for 2% of our body weight. It is believed to consume 20% of our daily calories and 20% of the oxygen that we breathe. Out of the total blood pumped in our body, around 15 to 20% is supplied to the brain. Brain is mainly composed of water i.e. around 70-80%. Hence, there are chances that dehydration may adversely affect the functioning of the brain.
  • This fact will amaze you, but brain is highly active and thinks more during the night than during the day.
  • The human brain has about 100 billion neurons. During the early stages of pregnancy, neurons in the foetus multiply at the rate of 2,50,000 neurons per minute.

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