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Blackheads, also known as ‘open comedomes’, are caused due to excess oil secretion by the sebaceous glands in our skin. Blackheads usually appear on the forehead, nose, jawline, lower chin, armpits and back, where the number of sebaceous glands is high. Often, the oil secreted by these glands accumulates in the pores of the skin and gets sealed with hardened oil or sebum. This hardened sebum, when it comes in contact with the atmosphere, gets oxidised and looks like a small raised black spot on the skin, which is known as a blackhead. Trying to remove these blackheads by squeezing them can cause bruises, open pores, and infection, thus leaving your skin damaged.

Dr. Health recommends a few home remedies to get rid of blackheads without harming your skin

  • First and foremost you need to control your consumption of fatty and oily food.
  • Exposure to dirt and pollution, excessive sweating and dandruff are some of the key factors that cause blackheads. Hence, wash your face and neck with a mild face wash at regular intervals to wash off all the dirt and grime and to keep open comedomes from appearing.
  • Take a piece of soggy glycerine soap and add a pinch of salt to it. Rub this on to your blackheads. Follow this remedy for a week for desired results.
  • Prepare a scrub by mixing salt, lemon and honey in equal proportions and adding yoghurt to it. It is an effective remedy.
  • Prepare a paste from fresh leaves of fenugreek (methi) and apply on the affected skin. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water. Do so everyday before you go to bed.
  • Put 3 to 4 cups of water to boil and add 2 teaspoon soda bicarbonate to it. As soon as the water starts producing steam, hold a clean towel over the steam and then place it on the area affected by blackheads. Repeat this 5 to 6 times. Now mix properly a spoonful of curd and rice, and rub the mixture on your blackhead affected skin. Clean the skin with cold water.
  • The combination of 1 tablespoon Epsom salt and 4 drops of iodine added to 1/4th cup of hot water works as a sure shot remedy for blackheads. Let this solution cool down and then apply it over the affected area and let it dry. Wipe off with a clean piece of cloth.
  • Boil some basil leaves in a cup of water. Let it steep for 10-20 minutes. When it cools down moderately, apply on the affected skin with a cotton ball.
  • Honey has several benefits, and especially good for your skin. Apply some warm honey on your blackheads and let it be for about 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it off. It helps to get rid of the ‘open comedomes’ and also nourishes your skin.
  • Mix ½ teaspoon turmeric powder in a spoonful of fresh coriander juice and apply it on your blackheads before you sleep. Wash off in the morning. Continue this remedy for a week.
  • Here’s another remedy that resembles the one mentioned above. Take lemon juice and finely powdered cinnamon in equal quantities (1 teaspoon each) and mix well. Apply this before going to bed. Rinse off in the morning.
  • Egg whites are considered to possess properties that help to get rid of blackheads. Beat the white portion of an egg and apply it on the affected area. Wash with water and wipe off, scrubbing lightly with a towel.
  • Prepare a paste by mixing equal quantities of sandalwood and turmeric in milk. Apply this on your skin and let it dry. Rinse off. It is an effective remedy for blackheads.
  • Roast some pomegranate skin, grind it into a fine powder, and add some fresh lime juice to it. Apply this over your blackheads. It not only removes your blackheads but is also a good solution for other skin problems like pimples, white heads and boils.

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