Bael is a summer fruit extensively used in ayurveda for its extraordinary medicinal properties. Also known as wood apple or Bengal quince, its fibrous aromatic pulp full of goodness and nutrition is safely packed within its hard and thick shell. The Bael tree holds religious significance and is considered sacred in Hinduism. It is aboriginal to the arid regions of India, where it is a customary to serve ‘bael panna’ during summers. The drink is made my mixing bael pulp with water, sugar and lime juice. It is one of the most efficient remedies to beat the scorching summer heat. The fruit pulp is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, dietary fibres and calcium. Medicinal studies done to establish the fruit’s medicinal properties have shown that bael oil can fight 21 types of bacteria. Medicated bael oil can also cure respiratory problems, it strengthens the immunity and prevents recurrent colds. A ripe bael fruit is known to have a laxative effect, it regularises bowel movements, cures chronic constipation and several gastrointestinal problems. Bael fruit juice has healing properties, it forms a layer on the stomach mucosa and heals stomach ulcers. Taking dried bael powder or unripe bael fruit sliced and baked with some jaggery is a sure shot remedy for diarrhoea and dysentery.


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