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Anaemia occurs when the concentration of red blood cells or haemoglobin decreases in the body. Haemoglobin carries blood to tissues of different parts of the body. But, when the haemoglobin is less, and the oxygen circulated in the tissues decreases, anaemia causes health problems like tiredness, unconsciousness, and dizziness.

Home Remedies:

  • Eat 2-3 apples daily or prepare apple juice mixed with honey or sugar. Have it once a day to improve your haemoglobin level.
  • Honey has all the necessary components like iron, manganese and copper, which are required for curing anaemia and improving haemoglobin.
  • You should consume food rich in vitamin B12, folic acid and iron to cure anaemia. Hence, milk and green leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, broccoli, lettuce etc. are proven great for the same.
  • Soya beans and almonds are high in iron and copper, and considered great for the synthesis of haemoglobin.
  • Beet is a sure shot therapy to overcome the condition of anaemia as it contains all the vital nutrients that are essential for the body. And it has worked miraculously where other remedies have failed. Eat raw beet in salads, or boil a cup of beet, crush it and have it in the form of juice. Consume beet on daily basis and experience the difference within a month.
  • Prepare a paste of black sesame seeds by soaking few seeds for few hours and grinding it. Mix the paste with milk, add some honey or jaggery to sweeten it, and drink it on daily basis to cure anaemia.
  • Jaggery is a rich source of iron. Include it in your diet on a regular basis. If possible, try to take it with ‘ghee’ and chapati – an age old home remedy.
  • Sunbath is beneficial for anaemic patients as it stimulates the production of red blood cells.
  • Exercises like light breathing and walking should be practised on regular basis. These exercises are effective in curing anaemia.
  • Along with improving your diet, and taking necessary supplements, you should practise yoga and meditation on regular basis to rapid recovery from anaemia.
  • Avoid drinks like tea and coffee. They are believed to hinder proper absorption of iron, which may take time to cure the anaemic condition.

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