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Mind & Body Intervention

Mind and body intervention techniques harmonise the mind and body to function in synchronisation, thus promoting good health and better healing. It is highly effective in pain management, as it uplifts the emotions and spirit, and brings in a feeling of wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Various mind and body intervention techniques
It is a great form of therapy that keeps a person fit and healthy.  Yoga is a non religious approach that involves synchronising the mind and body via various activities and postures. It regulates the body mechanism to function well and thus attain a perfect state of wellness and tranquillity.

Meditation has healing powers, and it imparts inner peace and a consciousness of your being. It is also said to be helpful in gathering your positive energies and getting rid of the negative ones. Meditation is one of the best means to get rid of stress and for pain management as well as regulating metabolism, blood pressure and other bodily processes.

Biofeedback is a mind and body intervention technique in which a person understands and observes the indications his own body gives. Understanding your body and providing what it seeks causes healing.  This method is specially effective in stress management, for movement in paralysed muscles and to cope up with pain.

Hypnotherapy works wonders when it comes to healing mental disorders. It puts the patient in a state of subconsciousness and probes the root cause of the ailment. Hypnotherapy is also a good method to deal with pain and manage stress or cure ailments like depression and insomnia.

Humour therapy first originated in India and now is being used worldwide. Laughter therapy uses this positive emotion and helps promote a healthy mind and body. It has been scientifically proven that laughter yoga has healing powers, and it reduces the stress hormones in your body and induces positive thinking and energies.

A prayer also has a therapeutic value and it engages a person’s soul, mind and body in a conscious process of healing, well-being and transformation. It gives a person support and hope of better times thus helping him to cope up and deal with the present situation in a better manner.

Music has therapeutic effects on the mind and body. The benefits of music therapy have been proved, and it is being widely used alongside the allopathic medication to treat various diseases. There cannot be a better proof to this than the fact that a lullaby can put a child to sleep.

By the age of 60 years, around 60% of men and 40% of women start snoring