Alexander Technique

In layman terms, Alexander technique is an alternative healing therapy applied to get rid of tensions and stress. This technique induces a confidence that there are still chances of improving your physical postural habits, which may have spoilt due to irregular lifestyle, excessive stress and tensions. It is mainly used to relieve chronic stiffness of muscles created over the years due to stress and tension, and eventually improve performance, self-observation and impulse control.

The technique was developed by Shakespearean orator Frederick Matthias Alexander in London in 1890s. He developed this technique after losing his voice during a performance. His self-observation revealed that his breathing problems and improper body posture were responsible for this condition. After making conscious efforts for improving his posture, he observed, he observed a gradual improvement in his condition, and his problem with recurrent voice loss was resolved.

Highlights of Alexander Technique:
Many of you may have heard about Alexander Technique for the first time. Hence, Dr Health gives you some highlights about the Alexander Technique to help you understand better. Keep the following in mind to make the Alexander Technique effective:

  • You may have to unlearn the bad habits or remove thoughts that are disturbing you since childhood.
  • In Alexander Technique, you are taught lessons, and hence you share a ‘pupil-teacher’ relationship with your instructor. It is not a curative session, and does not have a ‘doctor-patient relationship.
  • Learning the entire technique takes around 20 to 40 sessions of about 30 to 45 minutes each.
  • The lessons are either taught individually or in group. Verbal instructions along with hand contact are used to teach lessons. The teacher, with his/her hand movements tries to correct the muscular imbalance, and improve the posture.
  • Alexander Technique as well as the lessons reduce your stress, and teach you to overcome your limitations in thinking as well actions.

What does Alexander Technique treat?
Besides treating stress, tension, chronic aches and pains, Alexander Technique is used to cure many other conditions:

  • Improve breathing
  • Asthma
  • Problems or pain related to improper posture
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • To correct voice loss
  • Back pain
  • Neck and joint pain
  • Mobility problems especially in patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease
  • For treating physical injury
  • Muscle strain
  • Excessive stress, anxiety & depression

The technique is widely used by the actors and stage performance for stress-management and to increase spontaneity. Although, the technique has a limited use, it has been proven highly effective for all those who practice it on regular basis.

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