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Mega Vitamins

A form or alternative medicine therapy, mega-vitamin therapy is also sometimes called ortho-molecular medicine. This mega-vitamin technique is founded on the assumption that it is the absence of nutrition in correct quantities which is the root cause of many diseases. This therapy recommends the intake of vitamins in quantities exceeding the normal requirement, as it has shown positive results in case of many diseases. However, mega-vitamin therapy has been unable to gain wide acceptance because of contradictory reports with hardly any consensus in the medical fraternity.

Some positive facts about mega-vitamin therapy:

  • A review in 2002 established that there are some 50 rare genetic conditions in which this therapy is beneficial.
  • It is expected to play an important role in furthering the understanding in the field of nutrigenomics.
  • Practitioners of multivitamin therapy believe that vitamin C plays a big role in preventing cancer.
  • Research studies in 2008 found that Vitamin C decreases serum uric acid levels and gout.

Some negative facts of mega-vitamin therapy:

  • It is categorised as a medicinal practice, which is outside the purview of evidence-based medicine.
  • It is a well known fact that high doses of vitamin A and vitamin D cause toxic effects.
  • Clinical trails have proved that intake of vitamin C in large doses cannot treat cold.
  • Vitamin B-12 has no recommended level of intake, as it varies from case to case, and it is not clear how an excess dose of this vitamin can affect our body.
  • The role of mega-vitamin therapy in treating cancer is widely debated and there are very few studies in favour of this practice.

However, among the practitioners of this technique it is commonly believed that there are about 50 diseases which result from a genetic mutation that reduces the ability of an enzyme to bind to its co-enzyme, hence reducing the rate at which the enzyme catalyses a molecular reaction. Saturating the body with high doses of the appropriate vitamin increases co-enzyme levels to overcome the binding defect and boost the reaction rate towards becoming normal.

The amount of vitamins needed by a person for optimal health varies from person to person, and also at different times for the same person. For example, a person under stress, or a sports-person,  may require several times the recommended daily requirement of certain vitamins and minerals. However, since it is a known fact that some vitamins and minerals taken in large doses are toxic, it is better to take mega-vitamin therapy under the guidance of a doctor.
Levels of macronutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water, and also the levels of micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals can be obtained from dietary supplements, or by making adjustments in daily diet.

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