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Biology Based

The practice of biology based alternative medicines involves healing through naturally occurring substances. Biology based treatments fuse science and philosophy. It is believed that healing comes from within the patient, and the practitioner guides the immune system towards natural wellness and healing. The biology based healing systems give a lot of importance to the role of environmental toxins on our body.

Some biology based alternative medicine practices:
Diet Therapy
Diet therapy is slowly gaining popularity. There are various diets such as the macrobiotic diet and pritikin diet that are said to slow down and treat various cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Some diets such as Mediterranean and Ornish diet are also popular and used to complement the modern allopathic treatments to promote wellness and good health. Diet therapy is however a slow healing process, and is more likely to be effective if started early and consistently followed for the required period. Diet therapy involves a complete change in the way of eating, and it has to be adapted slowly, hence, it is very necessary to introduce these changes under expert supervision.

Herbal remedies
Herbal cures are very well known and are effective in curing ailments and maintaining good health. A single herb or a mixture of various herbs as well as tinctures, extracts and infusions are consumed or externally applied for relief from various ailments. Pills, powders and injections are also made and administered for curing diseases. However a certain set or combinations of herbs or herbal remedies combined with certain food items can cause side effects hence patients should get treatment under the supervision of a regular practitioner.

Mega vitamins
Mega vitamin therapy is a biology based treatment that includes administering high dosage (mega quantities) of vitamins to cure illnesses. It is typically used to complement the allopathic ie. the modern medicine treatments, and is also referred to as the ortho-molecular medicine.

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