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Alternative Systems

Alternative systems of treatment are gaining prominence, and are being used to treat various diseases as well as maintain overall health. Alternative systems might nor be as efficient in providing quick solutions, surgical remedies, or in diagnosing ailments but can be efficiently used to restore health and treat diseases like diabetes, asthma, arthritis etc. They are also being widely used along with modern (allopathic) treatments to promote overall health and effective healing.

Various Forms of Alternative Systems
Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing system that promotes a healthy living. The word Ayurveda is derived from Sanskrit and means the science of life. Apart from the vast range of plant-based medicines Ayurveda also includes medicines made from milk, gallstones, bones, fats and various minerals.

Homeopathy is an alternative system based on the principle of curing “like with the like”, and it emphasizes on strengthening the immune system. Homeopathic medications are specially prepared from inert substances like sugars and lactose with extreme dilutions of homeopathic preparations.

Naturopathy focuses on self healing and relies on the vital energies and healing powers based in each individual. Consultation, diagnosis and treatment includes complete analysis of lifestyle, medical history, physical examination, various habits and environment of an individual as well as the emotional and physical tone of the patient.

Acupuncture is a traditional healing method that is said to have originated in China. The alternative system is based on the belief that qi (energy) flows through the body, and any disruptions in this flow causes illness. The flow of qi is thus regulated by stimulating the points under the skin employing the method of penetrating thin metal needles.

Traditional Chinese medication
Like most other alternative systems the traditional Chinese medication is also based on the belief that body has the ability to cure itself. This ability only needs to be tapped to cure an illness. The system has developed over 5000 years and follows the principles of yin(negative) and yang(positive).

Tibetan  medication
Tibetan medication is a system that has been in practice for centuries. It follows a complex approach and incorporates various diagnosis techniques like pulse rate and urine analysis. The traditional Tibetan medicines are made from natural materials, minerals and also include physical therapies.

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