• Sex education
    Sex education

    Sex education is also called as sexuality education or sex and relationship education. It is a common perception that sex education means teaching, talking and telling about sex and reproduction. However, it is not just that. Sex education includes making the developing minds aware, careful and confident.

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  • Lose Weight Post Pregnancy
    Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

    The stork has visited!! you are blessed with a little bundle of joy. Becoming a mother means a whole lot of responsibilities, like caring for your baby, feeding the baby, pacifying your baby if s/he cries, and watching over even during nights.

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  • Green Tea For Weight Loss
    Green Tea For Weight Loss

    Green tea benefits are extensively researched and documented. Apart from the numerous other benefits green teas are widely known for their weight loss benefits and have become very popular amongst the fitness conscious people and weight watchers.

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  • Sweet health benefits of ‘Bitter gourd’
    Sweet health benefits of 'Bitter gourd'

    Bitter gourd or 'karela' is a popular vegetable in Asian countries. Also known as bitter melon, the vegetable is low in calories and power packed with vitamin B, vitamin C and several other nutrients. Drinking bitter gourd juice regularly keeps you energetic and boosts stamina.

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  • Dance your blues away
    Dance your blues away

    Dance is not only a great and enjoyable art form, but it also gives an outlet to your feelings and emotions, it helps you break free and express yourself and is also good for your health. Dance is a therapy that can help you overcome a plethora of health issues, ...

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Myth Busters
Myth: Only those women with a family history of breast cancer are at risk of acquiring the disease
Fact: 70-80% of women who suffer from breast cancer have no family history of the disease.  Read more
Health Nuggets
Although everyone loves to stay in shape, there are very few who can control their irregular eating habits. The first principle of staying healthy and fit is self-discipline and self-control.  Read more

Hormonal Control of Blood Pressure
A sudden change in the blood pressure is responded to by the nervous system, but long term control is managed by hormones. Low blood pressure prompts the kidneys to secrete renin.  Read more
If you are looking for that one food item, which supplies nutrition in abundance, carrot is the answer! Carrots contain a high amount of beta carotene and fibre, along with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and potassium.
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Our nose and ears continue to grow from the day we are born. But, the size of the eyes remain the same. The colour of the eyes changes. It's different when you are born, during adulthood and during your old age.