• Sex education
    Sex education

    Sex education is also called as sexuality education or sex and relationship education. It is a common perception that sex education means teaching, talking and telling about sex and reproduction. However, it is not just that. Sex education includes making the developing minds aware, careful and confident.

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  • Lose Weight Post Pregnancy
    Lose Weight Post Pregnancy

    The stork has visited!! you are blessed with a little bundle of joy. Becoming a mother means a whole lot of responsibilities, like caring for your baby, feeding the baby, pacifying your baby if s/he cries, and watching over even during nights.

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  • Green Tea For Weight Loss
    Green Tea For Weight Loss

    Green tea benefits are extensively researched and documented. Apart from the numerous other benefits green teas are widely known for their weight loss benefits and have become very popular amongst the fitness conscious people and weight watchers.

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  • Sweet health benefits of ‘Bitter gourd’
    Sweet health benefits of 'Bitter gourd'

    Bitter gourd or 'karela' is a popular vegetable in Asian countries. Also known as bitter melon, the vegetable is low in calories and power packed with vitamin B, vitamin C and several other nutrients. Drinking bitter gourd juice regularly keeps you energetic and boosts stamina.

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  • Dance your blues away
    Dance your blues away

    Dance is not only a great and enjoyable art form, but it also gives an outlet to your feelings and emotions, it helps you break free and express yourself and is also good for your health. Dance is a therapy that can help you overcome a plethora of health issues, ...

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Myth Busters
Myth: I do not have to worry, as people suffer from heart attacks only during old age
Fact: Till few years ago, people in their 50s, 60s and 70s were the ones who suffered a heart attack.   Read more
Health Nuggets
After heart diseases, cancer is the second most common cause of death in the world. So much so, that around 20,000 people in the world die of this disease every day. Number of deaths due to cancer is higher than the number of deaths due to other diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined together.  Read more

Supra-renal Glands
The structure of the outer and the inner regions of the supra-renal glands highly differ from each other, and each one produces different hormones. The outer supra-renal cortex is a glandular tissue, while the inner medulla is part of the sympathetic nervous system, and contains bundles of nerve fibres.  Read more
Spring Onion
You will be surprised to know the nutritional value this green and leafy vegetable holds. Spring onions are rich in Vitamin A, B Complex, C and K. They have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that help to treat viral infections, cold, flu etc.
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Testicles of a man produces 10 million new sperms each day. This number is enough to repopulate the entire planet in just six months!!